Tag, Fobs & Wallet Card Packs

A 10-part pack of fobs, tag, wallet card and accessories for bags, backpacks, keys, luggage, wallet, purse, pocketbooks, sports equipment and more.

Choose a design to suit you. Each tag has its own unique ID code and a link to our website so that we can easily put you and the kind finder in touch when your lost item is found.

If you ever lose any of your items with a Bontag, they are far more likely to make their way back to you safely and quickly.

(includes unlimited Lifetime Alerts)

Choose Category

Abstract, Animals, Architecture, Art, Cars, Cosmos, Floral, Food, Gardens, Geometry, Landscape, Patterns, Spiritual, Sport, Stripes


(INCLUDED with all packs)

All labels and tags include a unique ID Code.

When your lost item is found, we call, text and email your 3 pre-chosen contacts worldwide.

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