Where did the inspiration for Bontag come from?

It all started with a bit of a quarrel…

Years ago, Bontag founder, Sam gave his 10-year old daughter a mobile phone. On the back was a paper label with handwritten ‘if found’ instructions. “Get that off, Dad – it’s so uncool!” said the girl. But “no label, no phone” was the deal – so Sam won the dispute.

With a happy outcome…

Three days later, his daughter came home in tears “I’ve lost my phone, Dad – I left it on the train!” Within an hour, Sam got a call from a kind lady who’d found it. Handing the phone back to his daughter, Sam said “How cool is that?”

But the story doesn’t end there…

But several years and quite a few lost-and-found phones later, Sam admitted that they’d both been right. Practical and useful as it might be, a tatty label peeling at the edges actually isn’t cool. So, when he developed the Bontag system, Sam paid just as much attention to the look and feel of the labels as their functionality.

It sparked an idea…

That’s why, today, Bontag labels and tags don’t just protect your valuables, they accessorise them. They’re so fun and colourful they’re bound to induce phone envy and will probably start a new craze. And in case you’re wondering, Sam’s son who’s now 22, not only says they’re ‘cool’ but has them on all his valuables (he still has a tendency to lose things).

For clever AND cool labels…

You can choose from over 500 stunning designs inspired by themes as diverse as art, animals, sports and outer space. The plastic is tough, strong and durable so your gorgeous tags and labels will stay pristine looking.

Boomerang it back with Bontag

Attaching security labels and tags to your valuables hugely increases your chances of getting them back if they ever go astray. You’re 80% more likely to be re-united with a Bontagged item.

While there’s normally not much hope of finding a phone that is locked or when the battery has died, with Bontag your chances are high.

Step 1: Bontag it. Step 2: Relax!

Bontag labels and tags come in all shapes and sizes to protect everything from mobile phones, tablets and laptops to bags, passports – even sunglasses and specs.

Each carries a unique ID code and is printed with these words: If found, go to bontag.com REWARD GIVEN

When someone finds your lost property they report it to us and we instantly notify you and your nominated friends, family or colleagues. We call, text and email your three pre-chosen contacts with the good news and put you in touch with the finder.

How it works

You lose it
Arrrrgh! You’ve lost a precious possession. Thank goodness you Bontagged it.

Someone finds it
A kind person (and most people are) finds it and contacts Bontag.

Bontag connects you with finder
Bontag tells you and your pre-chosen contacts, and puts you in touch with the finder to arrange the quick and safe return of your item.

Item is returned
Whoop whoop! Your valuable item is back in your hands.

Getting Started


  • Sign up to Bontag and register your precious item(s).
  • Tell us who we should contact if it’s found (friends/family/you)?
  • Tell us what value reward you’d like to offer to finders to thank them?

Order labels, tags, wallet card

  • Order our super-tough, labels, tags and wallet card

Attach labels

  • Peel off the protective backing and attach the labels to your items.
  • Allow to set for at least 24 hours.
  • Once in place, the labels won’t budge (the adhesive on the back is super-strong).

Attach tags

  • Put our strong tags on your briefcase, rucksack, luggage

Wallet card

  • Place our thin card in your wallet, purse or pocketbook

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